Our Cricket Batting Pads Range

Beginners, mid-range and pro-level spec

BDM Galaxy Cricket Batting Pads

  • 7 cane rib sections
  • Traditional look and feel
  • Single vertical, thick padded bolster
  • Horizontal knee padded bolster
  • 5cms inch straps on calf for maximum comfort
  • Three velcro straps, 2.5cms inch width at knee and ankle
  • getpaddedup says `Bargain price for beginners pad`
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MRF Winner Cricket Batting Pads

  • Mid range PU faced pad
  • 7 cane ribs
  • Extra side wing for maximum protection
  • Twin vertical double-layer, thick sponge bolsters
  • 5cms straps on ankle and calf for maximum comfort
  • Nylon re-inforced instep
  • getpaddedup says `Lightweight, comfortable, good looks`
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BDM Admiral Cricket Batting Pads

  • Super light, quality PU
  • 7 molded rib sections
  • High density Hy-tech ethaflex padded
  • Wide side wing for added protection
  • Twin vertical, double-layer thick sponge bolsters
  • Horizontal double-layer knee sponge bolster
  • gpu says `Good choice for a top-order batsman`
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BDM Aero Dynamic Cricket Batting Pads

  • 7 Ribs with re-inforced facing
  • Extra wide outer wing protection
  • Additional inner wing protection
  • Horizontal thick toweling covered knee sponge bolster
  • Removable thigh bolster, velcro
  • 5cms straps on ankle and calf for maximum comfort
  • getpaddedup says `Superb specification, pro level`
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